My found object sculptures, collages and digital works respond to a state of information overload. I present a point of view that elicits nervous laughter – half joy, half dread. Process involves using programs, tools and materials against their conventional intention. I play with control by gathering images that are at odds with their context and appropriate ephemera from my personal history or the street. I channel waste, finding space for meaning amidst excess.

Otto’s Abode artist in residence for the month of June 2017 - Charlotte Greene (b. 1992, New York) is an artist and curator. Her work explores trash, control and the Internet through found and appropriated media. 

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A space within a space, BOOTH seeks to host temporarily located objects and installations delivered in person or by mail.

Interested in sharing an object or installation in BOOTH? Send relevant project proposal/information to: OR po box one, six hamele street, wanakena, ny, 13695