Exhibition Opening

THE BRIDGE SHOW - 07/04-30

In conjunction with the July 4th dedication of the newly reconstructed Wanakena Footbridge, Otto's Abode invited the submission of artwork depicting or inspired by the span. The month-long exhibition featured a total of 27 works both old and new loaned by artists and collectors. Furniture, fabric, computer doodle, paint, photo and more all sharing the same space celebrating the same subject.

Artists on view:

Maurya Reid, Charlotte Greene, Sue Novak, Vicki Feldman, Terry Adams, Bev McKeown, Dorthy Swick, Randy Davis, Nancy Williams, Carol S. Cassidy, Jeanne Lampson, Wayne G. Allen, Sara Cibelli, Jackie Woodcock, Allen Ditch, Janice McConnell, J. Davenport, Bob Hinman, Mimi Keith 

Thank you to artists and collectors for loaning out your work for the month!