The Wanakena Historical Association has just set up their J. Otto Hamele Walking Tour of Wanakena History for the season (Bill Gleason pictured). Pickup your free map at kiosk#1 - on the lawn between the footbridge and Otto's Abode. The self-guided tour leads you around town making stops at picture stations, national historic sites, additional town history and suggested places to rest and enjoy the view. The tour is open now through October.



In observation of its 50th anniversty, Otto's Abode welcomed anyone to sit with us as we played and listened to a recording of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's famous "Beyond Vietnam" speech. It was advertised that there was to be a discussion following the 56min speech. Thanks to everyone who came out on such short notice to listen and share their reflections on this powerful message.

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Exhibition Opening

MARK IT - 04/04/17-04/30/17

So, if this chair to the right of me, as I’m hunched over the table – I’m drawing – were to hinder the making of a mark across the paper as far right as I’d like to - because there is more space on the paper over there and the chair is in the way - than I can move the chair out of the way and continue to draw. Or, if there’s enough table I could move the paper over to the left instead of moving the chair to the right. 

I step away from the drawing to make a note to myself concerning the possibilities and limits of these scribble-shuffles; preserved and tethered down for examination via handwritten form. A note about drawing for a future drawing. Like when I proceed to tidy up my studio and put chairs where they don’t belong. Like pausing to sharpen my implement or stewing over how good my handwriting looked tonight – I’m drawing. 

MARK IT is an exhibition at Otto’s Abode showcasing recent work by St. Lawrence University’s Drawing II class instructed by Liza Labarge. A celebration of the exhibition will be held Wednesday, April 12th 6-8pm. Meet and greet the artists at 7pm. The exhibition is on view April 4th-30th

Research Residency


For one week Otto’s Abode hosted artist, academic and activist Jon Henry as he explored the region, shared a variety of goods and services, created work, and conducted research for a future exhibition.

Upon arriving in Wanakena Jon established Otto’s Abode as a Slag Mag distribution center by surprising Otto’s Abode with a weather-proof rack filled with previous copies of the quarterly reserving a satellite space for past and future in-print issues to be available. 

During the week Jon engaged Otto’s Abode in an economic intervention by exchanging a cache of fifty cent pieces to be distributed to future customers as change. Along with attending local meetings, sharing enlightening films and readings, visiting and gathering information from people and sites throughout the region, back at the studio Jon manipulated sticks of butter resulting in experimental video and drawing, tattooed bananas, performed and installed within BOOTH and left the Abode with more than an impact. Thanks, Jon.



During his week-long research residency at Otto’s Abode (mid march 2017) artist, academic and activist Jon Henry mouth-inflated balloons within BOOTH until there was no longer room for him to continue doing so.

The empty space currently within BOOTH above the settled balloons is directly correlated to the portion of BOOTH taken up by his body during the performance increased by balloons that had inadvertently popped during his struggle to exit BOOTH as well as those that continue to naturally deflate or pop. 

To see more of Jon's work visit: www.thejonhenry.com

Exhibition Opening


After a week of public voting  the ballots were counted and winners announced. Exhibition on view through the rest of the month. This is the second year in a row of Otto's Abode hosted the Wanakena Historical Association's event. Cash prizes for winners came from photo entry fees (62 photographs and 25 photographers in all) and an individual cash donation by Wanakena photographer Kristin V. Rehder.

WhiteOut Weekend 2017

OTTO'S ABODE - 02/17-19/2017

Events held in conjunction with WhiteOut Weekend included Wanakena Historical Association's Beauty of Winter Photography Contest, aquatic invasive species information and research exhibit by Cranberry Lake resident Arline Davis, live music by Plattsburgh's Adrian Aardvark, Wanakena's own Wayne G. Allen and Aiden Benzil shared their knowledge of birds and birding through discussion and robust informational display, a silent auction with all proceeds going to WOW, and last but not least snow croquet all weekend - the course notably reached peak conditions of the season Friday night. Friday night also happened to be Otto's Abode's one year anniversary (Friday of last years WhiteOut Weekend being when we first opened our doors.) Thanks to everyone for endless support and enthusiasm. And welcome to all of those who we have yet to meet!