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May 11th, 1893 The Cranberry Lake Village postal name became “Harewood” for a nine-year period. (St. Lawrence County Almanack, Robert LaRou)

EIGHT MILES TO HAREWOOD is a of series of seven new postcard-sized drawings which sought to depict the shoreline of Cranberry Lake and surrounding wilderness. This body of work is a continuation from last year’s series of seven drawings depicting Wanakena, Dead Creek Flow and surrounding wilderness called WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?

Historical sites such as “The Wanakena Hotel” or the “Morning Glory Lodge” have not been included in these drawings which seek to represent more of a current snapshot of the area. Though these drawings are essentially maps, they do not wish to function in the same navigational sense. Rather, these maps aim to re-think regions, destinations, and highlight smaller concepts such as bends in the river or passes between hills in relation to the larger whole. The drawings do their best to accurately represent current trails, junctions and destinations and serve as a jump-off point for planning and/or imagining wilderness exploration in the Cranberry Lake Region.

Postcard/prints of the series are available for purchase.

Maps used for reference:
Lucian Plumley’s 1961 Cranberry Lake Boat Club Map
George Bowditch & Paul Jameson’s Cranberry Lake Map
NYS DEC Designated Campsites Cranberry Lake (1991)
USGS Five Ponds, Newton Falls, Cranberry Lake & Wolf Pond Quadrants
Five Ponds Partners’ Cranberry Lake 50 Map
National Geographic / ADK Club’s Old Forge/Oswegathie #745 Map
Paddlesport Press’s Whitney Wilderness Map

WANAKENA WEEKLY #15 - 05/14/20 - 05/20/20

Happy Thursday! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

After TEN weeks of helping to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” Otto’s Abode will reopen tomorrow, Friday, May 22nd at 9am!

WANAKENA WEEKLY #14 - 05/07/20 - 05/13/20

Happy Thursday!

In an effort to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” Otto’s Abode will remain temporarily closed until further notice. This is our ninth week of being closed. (Wow, we really dragged this one out, huh?) Well, we’re happy to announce we will be re-opening next Friday, May 22nd @ 9am – stay tuned for regular summer hours.

WANAKENA WEEKLY #13 - 04/30/20 - 05/06/20

Happy Thursday! Happy May!

In an effort to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” Otto’s Abode will remain temporarily closed until further notice. This is our eighth week of being closed.

WANAKENA WEEKLY #12 - 04/23/20 - 04/29/20

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In an effort to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” Otto’s Abode will remain temporarily closed until further notice. This is our seventh week of being closed.

WANAKENA WEEKLY #11 - 04/16/20 - 04/22/20

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In an effort to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” Otto’s Abode will remain temporarily closed until further notice. This is our sixth week of being closed. For the record: Technically, we could have been open this whole time; we could be open right now If we wanted to. We possess a retail food license and therefore are technically essential. It is our choice to temporarily close - to better protect everyone. We made the decision early on that we were uncomfortable staying open. We felt that when Covid-19 first started making headlines, we were interested in whatever we could do to slow the spread. It was a Thursday evening – March 12th. Otto’s Abode was open for business as usual. Some folks were sitting around chitchatting, sipping some coffee. Some neighbors coming home from work popped in after retrieving their mail. A decent number of folks coming in and out, milling about. Later that evening after we had closed, we looked at each other and said: “that was fun, but something aint right here”. That next day we were open for business, and in our heads, we were thinking that we didn’t want people to come in – which is not a good feeling. In that moment we decided that we would remain closed until we felt better about being open. We are lucky that this temporary period of closure coincides with what we'd call the slowest time of the year. Though, as we all know the days are getting longer and nicer. Much like anyone else at this time, we will have to adjust how we operate. As we mentioned last week, we very much miss being open for business. In whatever way, shape, or form we do re-open as, our goal remains the same: we wish to cultivate an environment that showcases positive and enlightening experiences; where the professional and the amateur, the performer and the spectator, can entertain, puzzle and inform, grab a snack, a map, and a bag of ice, and be informed, entertained, and puzzled. Otto's Abode excitingly accepts the challenge of creativity moving forward as an Art-centric experiment through this Covid-centric world. Stay tuned.

ON VIEW (online)


This past winter local artist and writer Jackie Woodcock contacted Otto’s Abode with intentions of creating new artworks for a month long exhibition at Otto’s Abode in conjunction with Earth Day 2020. Plans changed when Covid-19 knocked on our doors. There was discussion of displaying the artworks outside of Otto's Abode, but ultimately the decision was made to exhibit the artwork ONLINE via a HOME EXHIBITION! Otto's Abode is pleased to share this new body of work with the public on the 50th anniversary of EARTH DAY:

When Treasures Become Trash - Honoring Earth Day 2020
Home Exhibition by Adirondack Artist and Writer Jackie Woodcock

I have lived most of my life in the foothills of the Adirondacks. I have been guilty of feeling separated from the World, thinking I was missiong out by living in the so-called sticks and being blind to the true treasure it is to live here. These small towns, here in the foothills, are part of the Northwest Gateway to the 6 million-acre Adirondack Park. This gateway is not marked with Golden Gates, but with Spruce, Pine, Cedar, Maple, Poplar, Birch, naturally landscaped and open to travelers from around the World.

Each year 4,400 tons of litter is collected from the sides of the road. This litter did not drop from the sky, it dropped from our hands. This exhibition is not to shame or condem anyone but instead to move your heart. We have the power in out hands to make a difference by disposing of our trash in a responsible manner.Together we can make this space a better place!

Jackie has previously exhibited artwork at Otto's Abode via THE BRIDGE SHOW, FACE TIME and SKYLYFEADK.