Exhibition Opening


After a week of public voting  the ballots were counted and winners announced. Exhibition on view through the rest of the month. This is the second year in a row of Otto's Abode hosted the Wanakena Historical Association's event. Cash prizes for winners came from photo entry fees (62 photographs and 25 photographers in all) and an individual cash donation by Wanakena photographer Kristin V. Rehder.

WhiteOut Weekend 2017

OTTO'S ABODE - 02/17-19/2017

Events held in conjunction with WhiteOut Weekend included Wanakena Historical Association's Beauty of Winter Photography Contest, aquatic invasive species information and research exhibit by Cranberry Lake resident Arline Davis, live music by Plattsburgh's Adrian Aardvark, Wanakena's own Wayne G. Allen and Aiden Benzil shared their knowledge of birds and birding through discussion and robust informational display, a silent auction with all proceeds going to WOW, and last but not least snow croquet all weekend - the course notably reached peak conditions of the season Friday night. Friday night also happened to be Otto's Abode's one year anniversary (Friday of last years WhiteOut Weekend being when we first opened our doors.) Thanks to everyone for endless support and enthusiasm. And welcome to all of those who we have yet to meet!



Come one, come all. Free and open to the public. Snow course open for the season (including nite games). Use our set and ask about tutorials during regular hours - or bring your own. Contact us for more info. WHACK!!!!!

Call for Photography


Otto's Abode is pleased to announce for the second year in a row we will be hosting the Wanakena Historical Association's Beauty of Winter Photo Contest in conjunction with the local White Out Weekend celebration. Last year was a hoot - so, snap those photos and send 'em in to the WHA no later than February 8th, 2017. For a list of rules and registration information email: wanakenaha@aol.com or visit the WHA Facebook Page.

Exhibition Opening


Peter Russom is a Professor of Art at Plattsburgh State University. He has exhibited his work in national and international exhibitions for thirty years. His paintings and drawings are included in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Italy.

Russom’s paintings explore the relationship between spirituality and the human condition. His most recent solo exhibition, “Transform”, demonstrated his continued interest in Italy as a catalyst for the paintings.  Combining architectural forms, color systems, and geometric abstraction, Russom’s work is a complex layering of paint surfaces and content. Peter has exhibited recently in galleries in California, Wyoming, and Alabama.

Peter received a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1987. He lives in Port Kent, NY, which is adjacent to Lake Champlain in upstate New York.  He and his wife Robin have three children and enjoy travel, sports, and cooking.

on view through January 14th. 


OTTO’S ABODE - 11/28/2016

Reporting from downtown Wanakena, NY – a few miles north of which was affectionately described by wilderness activist Bob Marshall as “untrammeled couchsachrage” (we’ll let you look that one up) in his account of the area in 1922 (as read in Phil Brown’s recent publication of a robust collection of Marshall’s Adirondack writings). We’ll note - Marshall jotted those words down in July. 

 “For most of the year, however, these deciduous stands are leafless and gray. The boreal forest is dark and cold; its constituent species of plants and animals adapted to survive long months of winter when lands and lakes are frozen and the sun appears above the horizon for only a few hours each day”

Far from July, this description by Ann and Myron Sutton taken from their Introduction to the Audubon Society’s Eastern Forest Nature Guide paints a more accurate picture of where we stand now – even though it was 60 and sunny the day before our recent foot and a half of snow, and forecasts predict 50 and rainy later this week with more snow and cold on its way after that. 

Who are we kidding? It’s not even winter yet. That being said - folks who have been around here a lot longer than we have say it’s just not nearly as cold and snowy as it used to be and as dismal as that sounds we won’t discuss climate change in depth at this time. For now, among the many issues faced all over the world, we’ll just hope this winter is nothing like the last. 

Along with hope, in the face of uncertainty, we aim to practice and promote taking steps in the right direction and follow down a path created over millennia by the inhabitants of this untrammeled couchsachrage – and the rest of the world - which we are all a part of and responsible for. We must work for and with Nature rather than against it. Let us better understand ourselves and each other, teach and learn the differences between right and wrong, love and hate, and let beauty – in whatever form it takes - spread like an aquatic invasive species (love = good; Eurasian water milfoil = bad).

So before the winter season moves in for the long haul (hopefully) we’d like to say cheers and thank you to all who have joined us along the way this past warm-weather season and welcome all who have yet to as we continue to promote the positive force we strive to be. 

And as we originally set out to do through this writing we present to you our first seasonal update describing some things we are proud to have recently been a part of:

Otto’s Abode hosted and invited local and not-local artists to spend time to share and exhibit their work and ideas. Some work was presented in frames on walls, some was spoken word, some was both and some was neither. Otto’s Abode is currently accepting project proposals. 

Otto’s Abode linked-up with Irish Hill Farm and friends – on summer Saturdays they setup shop out-front and provided their fresh-picked produce and baked goods. One weekend they hosted arts and crafts indoors.  

Otto’s Abode provided space for gatherings and groups including the local Parent Teacher Organization, Wanakena Historical Association, Cranberry Lake Boat Club, and the Green Bough Browsers Book Club and held an evening of celebration in observation of International Women’s Day. Otto’s Abode was open and celebrating alongside and in conjunction with Wanakena Day, Fourth of July, Clifton-Fine’s White Out Weekend, The Great Adirondack Garage Sale, and Wanakena’s Fourth of July Celebration. Otto’s Abode regularly held “you bring ‘em, we spin ‘em” Vinyl nights and took a stab at hosting a Jam Nite. Two yoga Saturday mornings, a retirement party and one big, beautiful, perfect wedding also graced our stage.  

Being asked: “Are you Otto?” or “Who’s Otto” is both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because everyone asks and a curse because everyone asks. Stop in and we’ll tell you all about it.
Otto’s Abode provides ice, newspaper, snacks, doorstoppers, cold drinks, hot coffee, shoe laces, wine bottle openers, a public bathroom, a front porch to kick your boots off on, ice cream, hiking directions, and frequently information on where to eat and where to sleep. We’ve just partnered up with regional co-ops and provide organic and non-gmo necessities alongside as the oh so necessary junk food fix. 

And as always mail stuff to: Otto’s Abode, PO Box 1, Wanakena, NY 13695

All for now - stay tuned,

Dave, Sue, Hannah & Nolan

Currently on View


Two cassette box set & booklet of writing.

All songs recorded May-June 2015.

Released September 2015, limited edition of 50.

Box designed and printed by Elise Dransfield and Lyla Shlon.

To see, read and hear details of this project and more of Katies work, follow link --- > http://www.kshlon.com/playsomesongs.html

This project was supported through a Roads Scholarship for Travel
and Research, awarded through Lisa Stone's Better Homes and Gardens
Art History/Preservation class at the School
of the Art Institute of Chicago.