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OLA ALDOUS - 5/15-20/18

ARTifacts from recent BLINKENLIGHTS perfomance created by BLINKENLIGHTS member Ola Aldous remain on view at Otto's Abode through the weekend. Some of the pieces were created beforehand and displayed as part of the performance - some of the pieces were installed and created in the moment of the performance experience. After the performance Otto's Abode re-arranged these pieces to be viewed as a stand-alone untitled exhibition.

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La Société du Spectacle (Society of the Spectacle) is a black and white 1973 film by the Situationist Guy Debord based on his 1967 book of the same title. It was Debord's first feature-length film. It uses found footage and detournement in a radical criticism of mass marketing and its role in the alienation of modern society. (ubuweb)



OTTO’S ABODE, an experimental art-centric store & more, invites you to participate in a month-long exhibition we’re calling THE FRIDGE SHOW.

Ah, the fertile fridge door! Land of ephemeral accessibility; temple of temporality! An information-station of your manipulation. Home to the surficial shuffle of seemingly unconscious printed, minted, clinching and pinching forces. Parties suspended for scrutination and celebration; withheld together from gravitational cascade to linoleum-prone demise.

And then what? How long does this last? What’s going on here? THIS WORKS!!! What keeps something locked in a vertical state? PERMANENT FIXTURES?! permanent fixtures? What? When is it time to go?

As if pulled by magnetic force, delighted to delve, we look to the primitive and resilient organism lichen as a source of inspiration and admiration. Lichen - which is in fact two organisms (algae and fungi) thriving as a symbiotic team – is not only one of the oldest living organisms on this planet but has also been known to be a dependable bio-indicator of air quality; visible proof of environments apt for environing (M.Sutton). Lichenometry is a much, much more than a sensual and swampy-sounding word… it’s also a geomorphic method of geochronologic dating that liken growth to determine exposed bedrock - especially useful for dating surfaces under 500 years (wikipedia).

We invite you to practice your own form of fridgeometry and nudge you to examine magnetic (and non-magnetic?) surfaces around you as a cultural biomes prime for spontaneously assemblaged public exhibition. We encourage you to share your findings with us!! Send us artifacts such as written stories, photographs, actual magnets, drawings, sculpture, dust, portraits, car bumpers, favorite restaurant menus (referencing notable dishes), combinations of the above, etc… this is just a small list of what we hope you’ll submit to be included in THE FRIDGE SHOW.

You may drop your submission off to us directly or slap a stamp on it and mail it to: OTTO’S ABODE, PO Box 1, Wanakena, NY 13695. Please include your name, phone number, a brief project description, and any other supportive material. We ask all submissions to be received by us on or before Monday, May 20th 2018. If applicable, please include compensation for return postage. Submissions can be mailed out or picked-back up after Monday June 18th. If you are able, we kindly ask participants to include a suggested $5 donation/submission fee with each submission – thanks!

JOIN US at OTTO’S ABODE, 6 Hamele street, Wanakena, 5-8pm, Friday May 25th for THE FRIDGE SHOW exhibition opening celebration! This event is free and open to the public. There will be snacks, drinks, music and more! THE FRIDGE SHOW will be on view at Otto’s Abode May 22nd – June 17th.

Email (ottosabode@gmail.com) or phone us (315-848-3008) with any questions. Otto’s Abode reserves the right to refuse any submission we deem inappropriate or too vulgar. Through we promise to take great care, Otto’s Abode is not responsible for reimbursement of any form for any lost, stolen, or damaged submissions.

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BLINKENLIGHTS - coming soon

BLINKENLIGHTS is an auditory and visual improvised performance experiment. Veering from fine art music to sound art, present-centered multimedia installation to sketching, each performance represents a unique interaction with time and space.

Join us! for BLINKENLIGHTS Otto’s Abode debut on Saturday, May 12th – 7-9pm - $3-10 suggested donation at the door. Come early – stay late.

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“Heavily Processed is a paradigm small business that challenges consumer value based on the juxtaposition of labor/production value and material value. While commenting on the accessibility of contemporary art through the marketplace, a boutique brand of crocheted pasta begs questions of efficiency and profitability. Each strand of pasta is meticulously crocheted and blocked, the average strand taking 48 seconds to crochet, 20 seconds to block, and 38 hours to dry. The amount of labor involved in producing a Heavily Processed product tips the scale in comparison to the Great Value™ sourced material. What would you pay for crocheted Wal-Mart brand noodle?”

Nava Levenson in a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in Richmond, VA. She recently received a piece of paper from James Madison University notifying her of the completion of a BFA program. Her work investigates anthropological concepts such as ritualistic nature of food, depreciation of labor and social structure. Her work is largely comprised of installations, performances, gatherings, and recently, her own brand of food. Nava has been a recent artist in residence at Azule and Old Furnace Artist Residency as well as been in residence at Elsewhere, OxBow School of Art and Artists’ Residency and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Recent exhibitions/performances include Radius250 at artspace in Richmond, VA and Emerging & Emerged at artWorks Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA. Nava is the recipient of a CVPA Research Grant, 2017 David Diller Outstanding Student in Studio Art Award and 2017 Senior Art Achievement Award at James Madison University where she recently received a BFA in Sculpture. Her current work investigates consumer value surrounding food production in contemporary american culture. To see more of her work, visit www.navalevenson.com