When the documentary ended, conversation immediately commenced; when open dialogue begins the event can only be seen as a success. After viewing Miss Representation (2011) on March 8, 2018, in honor of International Women’s Day, our group filled the evening hours with discussion, comradery and the open exploration of what makes us all so very different, despite sharing one gender label: woman.

What is to be a woman, fettered by the constraints of an oh-so-binary world, is certainly a complex topic. Spanning three generational decades, our group met with the intention of chipping away at the expectations, conceptions, responsibilities and intricacies of defining ourselves as women, while looking to be heard and to here others. With caution, care, consideration and contempt, this evening served to educate and engage. And as we return home, back to daily lives day after day, let us carry with us the struggles and splendor of being a woman.

With gratitude for those who came to the event, and for those who came well before us, we look to continue the discussion in the following ways:

As educated consumers,

As mentors,

As those willing to break the cycle,


As critics of the media and marketing.

snow croquet


Croquet, croquet, croquet croquet croooooqqquuuuueeeettt.

Up to this point in time the ZPARK Snow Croquet Court has experienced a hardy and lasting winter season. The temperatures remained low enough for long enough to maintain the frozen mounded features, groomed terrain and thick, solid base. The length of this Snow Croquet season being very similar to last years with a major thaw setting in just at the end of February melting away the months-long social sculpture. We'll keep on whackin' and encourage you to join us or stop by and give it a shot yourself - we'd love to teach you.

Cheers ball-bangin' all year! 

exhibition opening

PHOTO CONTEST - 2/13-3/4/18
Check out the Wanakena Historical Association's Website for more info and details.

Many thanks to WHA president Allen Ditch (pictured left) for organizing this exhibition.
2018 PHOTO CONTEST – The Wanakena Historical Association is planning its 3rd annual winter photo contest in conjunction with the Clifton-Fine winter WhiteOut Weekend (WOW), February 16-18.  Each photographer can enter up to three photos. Entry fee is $5 for one picture and $10 for three pictures. Because of a generous sponsorship from  Wanakena Photographer Kristin Rehder, the minimum First prize for both the Youth and Adult entries is $50, with smaller increments for photos deemed second and third prize. Additional money received through contest registration will be added to the pot of prze money.

Review and complete he rules and compete the contest entry form and rules.  All submissions must be received no later than February 10th. Make this event another Wanakena success.


BOOTH - BEANS - SPOON - 2/22/18

"You're probably wondering where all these beans came from. It may feel strange to see these in a phone booth of all places. It is of great importance to maintain a minimum amount of chaos in everyone's lives, otherwise it is no fun. I find an uncomfortable amount of people are afraid to disrupt their daily habits. it is these individuals especially that i hope take a handful of beans from this booth and keep them in their picket until the most normal, boring moment of their day. It is then that they should insert said beans into the situation in an original and spontaneous way. Finding beans in unusual places makes people question both their surroundings dings and self. Do not let your life be run by the influence of social opinions. Keep out of the routine! Wake up every morning truly wondering what you are going to do that day. Don't be afraid to lead a risky life of everyday excitement.

I am writing you to inquire about setting up a new installation in BOOTH. I am currently in school finding myself incapable of fully expressing myself artistically without ending up in the gray area of rules. I found myself attracted to your fine establishment last Saturday and was told that all you need is my artist statement in this email. I hope you will consider adding beans to your booth.

Sincerely, Spoon"

Interested in sharing an object, experience or installation in BOOTH
Please send relevant project proposal/information to: 
po box one, six hamele street, wanakena, ny, 13695. 
Questions? contact us at



Plattsburgh/Saranac H E A T W A V E swoops through Wanakena during the opening festivities of the Clifton-Fine White Out Weekend.

All ages, all welcome!

Click around for some tunes:

"The best and most suitable description is decadent lo-fi: Decadent because keyboardist/vocalist Bruce Wilson's drawl is reminiscent of the dark and brooding men who fronted hedonistic 1980s pop and new-wave acts; and lo-fi because it sounds like the band gathered in a warehouse around a Fisher-Price cassette player and pressed "record." The result is a mysterious, gorgeous exploration of isolation, memory and life in the mountains. The Mountain Carol is a haunting, confounding plunge into the mind of a curious and enigmatic singer-songwriter. Conceptually uncluttered and with a cohesive sonic palette, it's a strong debut. " 
- Jordan Adams, SevenDays 

"The music this trio produces is chill, low-fi — indie with a twinge of ‘80s alt-pop throwback buried beneath the surface. Instead of drawing attention to itself, the music on this new EP has a unique quality — the droning drumbeat and mumbled, wispy vocals lull the listener into a dream-like, introspective state." 
- Elizabeth Izzo, The Sun

Call For Photography


It's that time of the year again! The Wanakena Historical Association wants YOUR photographs of FUN IN WINTER to be included in a the 3rd annual photography exhibition held in conjunction with Clifton-Fine's WHITE OUT WEEKEND. The exhibition will be on view at Otto's Abode February 13 through March 4th. Be sure to stay tuned at the WOW Facebook Page for info and updates on the upcoming winter festivities!

Live Music


Figure From Ground is a collaborative praxis of sound exploration and performance. Practitioners Ramon Vasquez, Michael Hart, Ola Aldous, and Claude Aldous explore various contemporary methods of electro-acoustic sound generation: prepared piano, lamellophone, found objects, contact microphones, electronic treatments, modular synthesizers, keyboard, guitar, human voice, et cetera. Results express ethereal transients, textural percolations, Dadaist swaths, timbral evolution/deconstruction, and improvisatory composition.

$3-10 suggested donation at the door.

Bask in our ambiance...