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Visiting from Richmond and Charlottesville, VA musicians JAGUARDINI and SHIPS IN THE NIGHT spent most of their days and nights in Wanakena entwining their bodies with camera and surrounding landscape with the goal of collecting footage for the construction of music videos. A performance was held at Otto's Abode the last night they were in town before hitting the road. Stay tuned as they will be editing the footage which we will debut at Otto's Abode when available.

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Ships in the Night is an electrifying mix of haunting, dark electronic and ethereal, ambient lullabies. Alethea Leventhal pulls from dreams, memories and echoes from the outer world to paint an atmospheric landscape with sweeping waves of synths and drum machines.

Jaguardini treats music like a science project, combining the sounds of old video games and synthesizers to create a live blend of energetic synthpop and nostalgic chip beats. For live performances, Christo typically manipulates a gameboy, a vocoder, an array of synths, a megaphone, and an electric guitar with a CRT TV set on his head and 90s workout videos in the background. For better or worse, chaos is the driving force behind this audio/visual enterprise. However, entropy is often dialed in to create fluid symphonic pieces to bridge the gap between the segments of high-energy dark horror terror. The goal is to leave the viewer asking, "What did I just witness?" and "What is wrong with this person" and then confuse them by leaving them with the question, "Should this person legally be given any more coffee?"

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Wanakena Historical Association 2018 Award & Gift from Ranger School Alumni. 

On August 4th 2018 the Wanakena Historical Association was honored bu the Ranger School Alumni as the 2018 recipient of the Kermit E. Remele Award of Meritorious Service which recognizes groups of people who have combined efforts beyond the norm to have a positive and lasting influence on The Ranger School. Accomplishments included developing the J Otto Hamele Historic Walking Tour and rebuilding the Wanakena Footbridge. 

Previous recipients have been: The Ranger School Centenial Committee (2012), The Clifton-Fine Hospital (2016), and the Star Lake Fire Department (2017). Allen Ditch Accepted the award on behalf of the WHA with most of the trustees in attendance. 

In addition to receiving this prestigious award, The Ranger School gifted the WHA with a wooden pendulum-driven clock manufactured by the E Ingraham Company that long-ago graced the mantle of The Wanakena Hotel. This fine piece of Wanakena history was given to The Ranger School by the family of a Ranger School graduate. Currently the WHA does not have the specifics on the donor family or name of the alum.

The Davey Trail

Joe McCarthy - 08/8-10/18

1/4 mile in... 1/4 mile out... Wanakena Labyrinth 100 times... 50 miles... "any questions?"