Artist in Residence


During his residency at Otto's Abode performance artist Robert Derr explored the local and greater Adirondack region learning, reacting and performing along the way. Video documentation of these performances are in the works and will be showcased on-view at Otto's Abode as they become available - stay tuned! Pictured above is a peek at an "upstream" performance on the Oswegatchie River just above of the steel deck car bridge in Wanakena, NY.
Robert Ladislas Derr translates the world around him through visual manifestations that leave the viewers with a sideways glance. For Derr, life is a performance–it sets the stage for his making. Exhibitions and performances of his work have been held worldwide including the Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Australia), Mendel Art Gallery (Canada), Schirn Kunsthalle (Germany), Wexner Center for the Arts (US), and Irish Film Institute (Ireland), to name a few. Among his awards are the Urbana Public Arts Commission, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and Ohio Arts Council. Some of the permanent collections holding his work include Loyola University Museum of Art, Miami-Dade Public Library, and Indiana University Art Museum. Derr attended The Photography Institute National Graduate Seminar and received his degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design, MFA and Art Academy of Cincinnati, BFA ------>