WANAKENA WEEKLY #206 - 01/04/24 - 01/10/24

Happy Thursday!

Writing to you from the eye of the storm. Lights flickering. WIND GUSTS! Unfamiliar sounds of things that usually don't express themselves sonically. On and on. And then silent darkness saturates Wanakena... For the next 36 hours.... Even when the sun was out it was vailed with dense cloudery.  ALAS! WE'RE BACK OPEN AND READY TO ROLL! There are still folks in the area without power. We've got about 6 inches left - from the 9ish we had altogether beforehand - after all that wind and rain with light dustings continuing on since. We'll let this weather graphic to the talking for what's to come. PATTYJACKNANN WEATHER STATION ----> Wanakena, NY 10-Day Weather Forecast | Weather Underground (wunderground.com) LOCAL SNOWMOBILE TRAILS REMAIN CLOSED... but should open soon! The Oswegatchie up here above the bridges runs fairly well but shows signs of freeze-over. Ice fishing? DONT ASK US. Folks may be out there, but to each their own; it's been a wet and mild winter thus far. LOOKS LIKE COLD ON THE WAY! Snow Croquet Course has STRONG BONES! Icy base with playable terrain! We've even got the WHA History Kisok shoveled-out - WHICH IS REASON ENOUGH TO VISIT WANAKENA!