WANAKENA WEEKLY #205 - 12/28/23 - 01/03/24

Happy Thursday!

Happy New Year! We had a GREAT time ringing-in the new year with everyone. QUALITY SNOW CROQUET ACTION, TOO! Just a couple of weeks until WANAKENA WEEKLY turns FOUR YEARS OLD. What are we gonna do?! UP NEXT: SIX WEEKS until the 9TH ANNUAL WHITEOUT WEEKEND! (www.adkwow.org) COLD AND SNOWY in WANAKENA! What critters?!?! Few inches on the ground and down in the single digits - MORE SNOW AND COLD ON THE WAY! Could be SIX INCHES MORE by the end of the weekend! Cranberry Lake ice conditions? We're not suggesting you do... but they are out there! It's been warm and wet enough over all this year that there will still be a good amount of open water out here in the Five Ponds Wilderness. GET OUT HERE! Croquet Course is in tip-top and snowy shape. Bang those balls. Last chance to see the CRABTREE PAINTINGS, TOO! WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?!??!!?!?