WANAKENA WEEKLY #13 - 04/30/20 - 05/06/20

Happy Thursday! Happy May!

In an effort to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” Otto’s Abode will remain temporarily closed until further notice. This is our eighth week of being closed.

This past week’s weather in a nutshell: It was ANOTHER beautiful weekend in Wanakena – Saturday was downright perfect. Lots of cars parked at trailheads – folks hanging out in the forest. Also, a busy weekend in the village – lots of Wanakena Summer Folk descended upon the village from all corners of the state to open-up their seasonal camps (turn on the water, rake the yard, move back in, etc…). This year’s first noticeably major influx of out-of-town non-tourist travelers – most likely happened everywhere in the northeast US. Sunday’s temp reached into the 70s - magnifique! Monday started off with a nice, light rain drizzle. Rose Breasted Gross Beak at the feeder in the morning – flew off before it could be captured on film. Tuesday and Wednesday were fair days – sunny and warm enough to not need a coat, though, chilly enough with a breeze to need a hat. Great days for getting work done outside. Bear sighting reported on route 3 between Wanakena and Cranberry Lake. The trout lily are flowering in the woods! Black flies were out and about Wednesday! They would fly around your head, charging at your face, sometimes landing but not-yet-biting. Mergansers and Beaver swimming ‘round under the footbridge. Forecast says this weekend will be cool and wet.
Last week it was reported that THE BEAVERS ARE BACK and have flooded the trail to Dead Creek Flow at the same place for the third year in a row. Some local volunteers have taken it upon themselves to sit down and talk to the beavers, try to work out a deal of some sort. Just kidding – they went out there with beaver traps and rakes, slaughtered the helpless beasts and destroyed their rustic architectural delights. It seems as if the townspeople have won the battle again – the dam is destroyed, and the water has subsided. 
Splish splash the dock is back! After hibernating along the shores of the Oswegatchie all winter the village dock has been returned to its rightful place near the beach. Now boaters coming off of Cranberry Lake have a place they can tie up their boat (no overnight mooring) if they wish to poke around town. Perhaps stroll the Wanakena Historical Association’s Wanakena Walking History Tour across the footbridge? The dock is also a great place to dive into the water. Or maybe you can just lay atop a blanket feeling the sun-soaked wooden planks warming you from below as the sun does above. Don’t let the beach’s resident giant white pine tree – that has been DEAD for YEARS - looming above drop a branch on you! That would NOT be good.
Speaking of trees falling down… THE LOG HAS MOVED AGAIN!!!!! Unbelievable! We forecasted the log to remain in place in the shallows of the Oswegatchie over by the Fox’s Den. Not sure what would have really caused the log to drift the way it did. We did not experience any major rain, can’t imagine wind would be the reason. AH HA!.... Could it be the dam at Cranberry Lake has been raised? Maybe. Luckily the LOG did not settle in front of the dock/beach. If you go down South Shore Road and look though the opening of the trees by the Cat Mountain trailhead, across the river, you’ll see it. Looks like Allen and Andy are the proud new owners of LOG! For now…
Work continues on the Wanakena carbridge. As of last week, there was lots of fast and steady work being done to construct the footings that will hold the bridge up and in place. The “mechanical woodpecker” rests. This week, as if appearing from another dimension, *BAM*…. THE TEMPORARY BRIDGE APPEARS. Yes, the temporary car bridge - that will allow Southshorians, Northshorians, and non-Wanakeners alike to be able to drive across the Oswegatchie while the “old” carbridge is taken down and rebuilt - has begun to go-up! What a sight! This crew almost makes it look easy. And as we say here every week: “WE’LL BE DRIVING ACROSS THE NEW BRIDGE IN NO TIME!”
Did you see? The eagle has landed!

The Wanakena Labyrinth is abloom with beauty and serenity!

The Governor has declared that all schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year. During the remaining closure, we will continue to provide distance learning, free meals, and coordinate child care resources for health care workers. We are currently working collaboratively with other districts and SLL BOCES to develop detailed plans for reopening in the fall, which take into account all of the measures we will take to keep our students, staff, and communities safe. At this time there are still many unanswered questions, and we will continue to provide clarity as more information becomes available. I understand that this has been a time of great uncertainty and stress for our district, especially for our students. I know that this prolonged closure has created many negative effects for our students, staff, and communities. Thank you to our essential workers who will continue to provide support for our families for the duration of the closure. Thank you to all of our staff who have gone above and beyond to help in this unprecedented situation. Thank you to everyone who has done their part to keep others safe. We will get through this together. There is light at the end of the tunnel. For now, be steadfast in keeping yourself and others safe and have hope.
-Mrs. Yeo

Blackwaters CafĂ© in Wanakena, UB’s Mercantile in Oswegatchie, Adirondack Pharmacy and Circle K in Star Lake, Mountain Gate Redemption near Benson Mines and Stone Manor Diner in Cranberry Lake, and Sevey Point at Sevey Corner remain open for business in one way or another (open, take out, pick up, drop off, etc…). Post Offices are open too (Thanks, Mary!)

After being closed to the public through April 30th, the Ranger School Property is back open for hikers to explore. Note: The Cathedral Rock Fire Tower remains closed to the public. Lots of other trails to explore, though!

The Clifton Community Library in Cranberry Lake hosts via Facebook Live bedtime stories most nights read aloud by Ms. Kate the Librarian! https://www.facebook.com/cliftoncommunitylibrary/ Also, their wi-fi hotspot is still active if you need to do some screen time finger-tappin’.

Hillside Diner in Oswegatchie, Todd Hardware, Twin Lakes and Coffee Fever in Star Lake and Otto’s Abode in Wanakena remain temporarily closed. There’s a rumor going around that Lakeside General in Cranberry Lake will open Memorial Day Weekend.

You can charge your electric vehicle in Wanakena, though.
Kim and Tom’s Lost Dog Report: There are currently NO lost dogs in Wanakena.

St. Lawrence County spring outdoor burn ban in effect March 16th – May 14th.

Any questions, comments, concerns, trail condition inquiries, legends, jokes, animal sightings, etc… feel free to email otto@ottosabode.org or call 3158483008 or pop-in the shop! Wanakena Weekly Archive here: http://www.ottosabode.org/p/wanakena-weekly.html

There is a time to fish and a time to dry nets. – Chinese Proverbs

All for now!