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This past winter local artist and writer Jackie Woodcock contacted Otto’s Abode with intentions of creating new artworks for a month long exhibition at Otto’s Abode in conjunction with Earth Day 2020. Plans changed when Covid-19 knocked on our doors. There was discussion of displaying the artworks outside of Otto's Abode, but ultimately the decision was made to exhibit the artwork ONLINE via a HOME EXHIBITION! Otto's Abode is pleased to share this new body of work with the public on the 50th anniversary of EARTH DAY:

When Treasures Become Trash - Honoring Earth Day 2020
Home Exhibition by Adirondack Artist and Writer Jackie Woodcock

I have lived most of my life in the foothills of the Adirondacks. I have been guilty of feeling separated from the World, thinking I was missiong out by living in the so-called sticks and being blind to the true treasure it is to live here. These small towns, here in the foothills, are part of the Northwest Gateway to the 6 million-acre Adirondack Park. This gateway is not marked with Golden Gates, but with Spruce, Pine, Cedar, Maple, Poplar, Birch, naturally landscaped and open to travelers from around the World.

Each year 4,400 tons of litter is collected from the sides of the road. This litter did not drop from the sky, it dropped from our hands. This exhibition is not to shame or condem anyone but instead to move your heart. We have the power in out hands to make a difference by disposing of our trash in a responsible manner.Together we can make this space a better place!

Jackie has previously exhibited artwork at Otto's Abode via THE BRIDGE SHOW, FACE TIME and SKYLYFEADK.