BOOTH - BEANS - SPOON - 2/22/18

"You're probably wondering where all these beans came from. It may feel strange to see these in a phone booth of all places. It is of great importance to maintain a minimum amount of chaos in everyone's lives, otherwise it is no fun. I find an uncomfortable amount of people are afraid to disrupt their daily habits. it is these individuals especially that i hope take a handful of beans from this booth and keep them in their picket until the most normal, boring moment of their day. It is then that they should insert said beans into the situation in an original and spontaneous way. Finding beans in unusual places makes people question both their surroundings dings and self. Do not let your life be run by the influence of social opinions. Keep out of the routine! Wake up every morning truly wondering what you are going to do that day. Don't be afraid to lead a risky life of everyday excitement.

I am writing you to inquire about setting up a new installation in BOOTH. I am currently in school finding myself incapable of fully expressing myself artistically without ending up in the gray area of rules. I found myself attracted to your fine establishment last Saturday and was told that all you need is my artist statement in this email. I hope you will consider adding beans to your booth.

Sincerely, Spoon"

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