Plattsburgh/Saranac H E A T W A V E swoops through Wanakena during the opening festivities of the Clifton-Fine White Out Weekend.

All ages, all welcome!

Click around for some tunes:

"The best and most suitable description is decadent lo-fi: Decadent because keyboardist/vocalist Bruce Wilson's drawl is reminiscent of the dark and brooding men who fronted hedonistic 1980s pop and new-wave acts; and lo-fi because it sounds like the band gathered in a warehouse around a Fisher-Price cassette player and pressed "record." The result is a mysterious, gorgeous exploration of isolation, memory and life in the mountains. The Mountain Carol is a haunting, confounding plunge into the mind of a curious and enigmatic singer-songwriter. Conceptually uncluttered and with a cohesive sonic palette, it's a strong debut. " 
- Jordan Adams, SevenDays 

"The music this trio produces is chill, low-fi — indie with a twinge of ‘80s alt-pop throwback buried beneath the surface. Instead of drawing attention to itself, the music on this new EP has a unique quality — the droning drumbeat and mumbled, wispy vocals lull the listener into a dream-like, introspective state." 
- Elizabeth Izzo, The Sun