Artist in Residence

CHARLOTTE GREENE - 05/31- 06/30

Otto's Abode had the privilege to host visual artist Charlotte Greene during the month of June. Greene spent the month exploring solitude and the creation of dynamic interconnected futures. Inspired by the research of Syracuse's SUNY ESF graduate student Grete Bader on the orchids growing on the iron tailings at the nearby Benson Mine, Greene's sculpture and video works read the complex ecological and industrial history of the region in the context of the Anthropocene, or - more accurately and borrowing from Donna Haraway - the Cthulucene. Spending a total of five days alone in the Five Ponds Wilderness area, Greene pushed her normally urban practice to encounter its inverse. Fidget spinners, screaming herons, aliens, birthday balloons, remediated landscapes, bears, ghosts and a virgin forest all collide in a conversation she's calling "Big Shallow". 

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