WANAKENA WEEKLY #208 - 01/18/24 - 01/24/24

Happy Thursday!

This past week brought BIG change! First, we enjoyed some FANTASTIC COLD AND SNOW AND SUNSHINE! Although it has been COLD, reports of ice-thickness of water bodies have continued to be reported as TO THIN TO PLAY! Ice Fishing was doable (not great) for the most part if you wanted to but start adding-on all the knickknacks like snowmobiles, trailers, and stuff... and you're in trouble. Last weekend Snowmobile Trails were reported to be DARN NEAR FANTASTIC! (TRAILS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO RAIN AND WANTING TO PRESERVE THE SOFT WET BASE)... Skiing and Snowshoeing would have been downright delightful as well. Otto's Abode was visited by outdoor recreationists and folks of all sorts out and about simply enjoying the great winter weather! GREAT TO SEE YOU ALL! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! WE'RE STOCKED-UP SO STOP IN! It was a downright sublime feeling to be snowed-in with two and a half feet plus of snow - the sub-zero temperatures made it even more valuable.... and then came the SUNSHINE Sunday afternoon.... DEVINE! THE BEST! The CROQUET course was fluffed to perfection. This past week the weather had flip-flopped. The crunching of the snow had changed under-foot first. The warmth settled into the low 40s. Then came the rain. Snow un-zipped off of metal roofs sending ripping sound though the air followed by a crumbeling thud. And then some more rain. It did make a dent in the snow but will ultimately provide a much more solid base that will provide happiness in the long run. THIS INCLUDES THE SNOW CROQUET COURSE! If the snow is soo fluffy, the balls just get buried.... but once it starts to firm-up the mathematical action and ball banging satisfaction begins! After Friday's rain, the course will be chissled and groomed throughout the weekend. IT IS A STRONG COURSE THAT WILL ONLY BECOME STONGER!!!!!!! Freezing Temps overnight! ARE YOU BUMMED ABOUT THE WEATHER?!?!! BOO-HOOING ABOUT THE TRAIL CONDITIONS?!?!?! WISHING FOR COLD AND SNOW?!??! DONT POUT ALL WEEKEND.... C'MON OUT AND WHACK SOME BALLS WITH US THIS WEEKEND... C'mon out and practice some weather-positivity in the late-Anthropocine with some... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SNOOOOOWWWWWWW CCCROOOOOOOQQQUUUUEETTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! Again: The TEN DAY forecast from the PATTYJACKNANN WEATHER STATION looks like the rain will HALT Friday Afternoon! Saturday and Sunday temps remain right around freezing, and looks to DROP into next week. WINTER IS BACK BABY!!!!!! Has anybody heard anything about the Star Lake Ice Rink? HOT MEALS IN WANAKENA! Packbasket Adventures TAKE OUT DINNERS every week! Look it up! Place your order early in the week, and pick it up at the end of the week. STOP IN TO OTTO'S WHILE YOURE IN TOWN PICKING UP! C'MON... IT COULDNT BE EASIER! Sounds like a FUN Square Dance and Country Music Concert ($5) at the American Legion in Star Lake this SUNDAY 1-5PM! Every Sunday at SOS in Star Lake is an OPEN HOUSE for knitting, puzzles, coffee, etc... GO SAY HI! Fitness Center and Gym at Clifton-Fine School open to public... LOOK IT UP! Cranberry Lake Library is OPEN, TOO! The CLNSH is in it's fifth year of operation and needs your ideas.... take their survey. WOW WHERE TO STAY: Places to Stay (cranberrylakemountaineers.com) Check that out if you need a place to stay... ASK ABOUT CAMPING! WHITE OUT WEEKEND IS THREE WEEKS AWAY! CHECK OUT WWW.ADKWOW.ORG. LAST CHANCE TO PRE-ORDER SHIRTS!!!!!!HEADS-UP!!!!!! AFTER WOW WE WILL BE CLOSED FEB 19TH - 27TH FOR OUR WINTER BREAK!!!!!! The following photographs are in chronological order beginning with last week into this past weekend (SINGLE DIGITS AND TONS OF FRESH FLUFFY SNOW!) and transition into this past week which delivered WARM AND RAIN! 

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