Artist in Residence

KATIE M WESTMORELAND - 04/28-05/02/17

In her Gateway to Wilderness residency proposal, visual artist Katie M Westmoreland wrote that she wished to - during several five day sessions throughout the summer - engage in conversation with the Adirondack landscape by creating "leave no trace" paintings made in response to the sun, moonlight and the spirit of the wilderness weaving meditation, dance and ritual.

During this first session Katie painted the duality of natural and artificial light experienced in the proximity of downtown Wanakena and Otto's Abode. Engaging with community members, exploring town and foot trails and reading over local and historical texts and maps Katie began to conceptualize future project goals and possibilities.

Returning for future sessions - she describes - are significant layers on her palimpsest of experience. We anticipate her return will be filled with as much curiosity, enthusiasm and engaging new work and this first session.

photograph of work in progress in Wanakena by Katie M Westmoreland
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