Exhibition Opening

MARK IT - 04/04/17-04/30/17

So, if this chair to the right of me, as I’m hunched over the table – I’m drawing – were to hinder the making of a mark across the paper as far right as I’d like to - because there is more space on the paper over there and the chair is in the way - than I can move the chair out of the way and continue to draw. Or, if there’s enough table I could move the paper over to the left instead of moving the chair to the right. 

I step away from the drawing to make a note to myself concerning the possibilities and limits of these scribble-shuffles; preserved and tethered down for examination via handwritten form. A note about drawing for a future drawing. Like when I proceed to tidy up my studio and put chairs where they don’t belong. Like pausing to sharpen my implement or stewing over how good my handwriting looked tonight – I’m drawing. 

MARK IT is an exhibition at Otto’s Abode showcasing recent work by St. Lawrence University’s Drawing II class instructed by Liza Labarge. A celebration of the exhibition will be held Wednesday, April 12th 6-8pm. Meet and greet the artists at 7pm. The exhibition is on view April 4th-30th