Visiting Artist


During his one week stay Joe McCarthy paddled up the Oswegatchie River from Inlet to High Falls with his keyboard, melodica and accordion. The musical performance in combination with temporary impractical bear trip-wires he had rigged up insured a pleasant nights sleep while camped out lean-to on the west side of the falls. Starburst candy from the Otto's Abode gift shop proved a valuable resource in the plugging of a hole in the canoe made worse along the beaver dam speckled trip. In celebration of the lake at the mouth of the river McCarthy co-wrote and performed a song entitled  "Cranberry Lake"  in conjunction with an open mic/open jam at Otto's Abode. En plein air style McCarthy painted the steel deck bridge in town. The painting, depicting the view is looking upstream from Nevil's Island, hangs in the current HARGAIN BUNTER exhibition.