Lean-To Project

Otto's Abode volunteered their shingle installation skills on the soon to be completed Wanakena Campground Lean-to Project. April 16th, 2016

Project Description:

The materials placed here came from an old Port-A Ferry Scout Camp lean-to that is to be reconstructed, somewhat smaller, here in the "Wanakena Picnic Area" fondly known by local Wanakena residents as the "Wanakena Campsite". 

These Materials are placed in the approximate area where the lean-to is to soon be reconstructed. It should be noted that the Ranger School Class of 2015 played a key role in helping transport the Lean-to components from Port-A-Ferry to Wanakena. The lean-to was donated by current Port-A-Ferry land owner James Armstrong, who wanted the lean-to be used and enjoyed.

Please refrain from disturbing and of the pieces pile here as they will become part of the newly reconstructed structure. Thank you - Wayne G. Allen.