Exhibition Opening

HARGAIN BUNTER - May 6th, 2016

OTTO’S ABODE, an experimental art centric storefront, invites you to use this page of the Bargain Hunter as material for a creative project of your choice, which in turn we hope you will loan to us for the month of May to be included as part of an exhibition we’re calling: HARGAN BUNTER.

Some ideas we suggest but do not limit you to: Draw a map on it, give it to a friend instead, crumple it up, put it in a frame, write a poem, attach something  to it, attach it onto something, make a hat, tell a story, make it beautiful, make it ugly, make it funny, photo-copy it one hundred times and tape them all together as one giant sheet, use a hole-puncher to turn it into tiny paper dots, bury it for a week and dig it back up, etc...

You may drop your project off to us directly, or slap a stamp on it and mail it to: OTTO’S ABODE, PO Box 1, Wanakena, NY 13695. Please include your name, phone number, a brief project description, and any other supportive material. We ask all submissions to be received by us on or before Monday, May 2nd 2016. If applicable, please include payment for return postage. Submissions can be picked back up after Sunday May 29th. 

Join us at OTTO’S ABODE, 6 Hamele st. Downtown Wanakena, 5-8pm, Friday May 6th for the HARGAN BUNTER exhibition opening celebration. This event is free and open to the public.

Email (ottosabode@gmail.com) or phone us (315-848-3008) with any questions. Otto’s Abode reserves the right to refuse any submission we deem inappropriate or vulgar. Otto’s Abode is not responsible for reimbursement of any form for any lost, stolen, or damaged submissions.

Exhibition on view through month of May.