Otto's Abode Proposal/Application Information

Open Call for Art, Music, Talent, Knowledge - Ongoing

Otto’s Abode is currently accepting performance, collaboration, space use, and exhibition etc... proposals/applications.

To apply:

Art Exhibitions, Projects, and Performance Proposals: 
Create a PDF file of reasonable size and email to:
or snail mail a care package, printout or disc to: Otto’s Abode, PO Box 1, Wanakena, NY, 13695.
Including the Following in order as listed below:
Name, Location, Contact Information.
CV, Personal information you’d like to share.
Exhibition/Project/Performance Proposal; Description, Images.
Relevant Previous Projects; Descriptions, Images.
Any other information you think we should know.
Otto’s Abode will notify you upon our receiving of your proposal/application.
A consent form should probably be signed before working with or in Otto’s Abode. Copies of the form are on file at Otto’s Abode. And we can send one to you. Otto's Abode requests a 30% commission on all artworks sold.
Otto’s Abode seeks to encourage, examine, and celebrate collaboration and exchange with, within, and without a public home for art.

For inquiries on collaboration, space rental, private party, gatherings, classes, workshops, music/sound performance, bands, comedians, lecturers, magicians, gardeners: