Otto's Abode Proposal/Application Information

Open Call for Art, Music, Talent, Knowledge - Ongoing

Otto’s Abode is currently accepting performance, collaboration, space use, and exhibition etc... proposals/applications.

To apply:

Art Exhibitions, Projects, and Performance Proposals: 
Create a PDF file of reasonable size and email to:
or snail mail a care package, printout or disc to: Otto’s Abode, PO Box 1, Wanakena, NY, 13695.
Including the Following:
Name, Location, Contact Information.
CV, Personal information you’d like to share.
Exhibition/Project/Performance Proposal; Description, Images.
Relevant Previous Projects; Descriptions, Images.
Any other information you think we should know.
Otto’s Abode will notify you upon our receiving of your proposal/application.
Otto's Abode requests a 30% commission on all artworks sold.
Otto’s Abode seeks to encourage, examine, and celebrate collaboration and exchange with, within, and without a public home for art.

For inquiries on collaboration, space rental, private party, gatherings, classes, workshops, music/sound performance, bands, comedians, lecturers, magicians, gardeners: