Gateway to Wilderness Application information

Call for Art

Otto’s Abode is currently accepting proposals/applications for Gateway to Wilderness.

Gateway to Wilderness is an ongoing open-call collaborative project interested in intersections between contemporary art practices and the geological, ecological, and political Identity, formation and management of the Adirondack Mountain Region with Otto’s Abode acting as headquarters. The project aims to foster, create, exhibit and document permanent, ephemeral, individual and collaborative work in, with, and around Otto’s Abode.

To apply:

Create a PDF file of reasonable size and email to:
or snail mail a care package, printout or disc to: Otto’s Abode, PO Box 1, Wanakena, NY, 13695.

Including the following in order listed below:
Name, Location, Contact Information,
Personal information you’d like to share, Stement
Gateway to Wilderness Project Proposal; description, images,
Relevant Previous Projects; Descriptions, Images
Any other relevant information

Otto’s Abode will notify you upon our receiving of your proposal/application.

Otto’s Abode seeks to encourage, examine, and celebrate collaboration and exchange with, within, and without a public home for art.


looking for more?
Residency at Otto's Abode
During the periods of:
*** summer 2019*** 
We encourage emerging artists, academics, and activists to explore and share their practice while based out of a visitor/community center and store located in the heart of a remote and isolated Adirondack hamlet. Residents are invited to stay from one week to one month.
Link to application and information---------> LINK