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Otto's Abode is located in Wanakena, NY next to the post office.

How to get here: 
By Road: Forty miles south of The Rock, nearly halfway between Watertown and Plattsburgh off of northern New York's Route 3 at the end of short connector county road 61.
By water: Up the Oswegatchie River from Cranberry lake and down the Oswegatchie (via Moore carry) from the Five Ponds Wilderness

Other: Various hiking, and snowmobile trails will take you to Wanakena. Right along the Cranberry Lake Fifty. From they sky? Look for the santa rosa labyrinth.

While you're here:
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sunday - 9-6pm
monday - 9-6pm
tuesday - closed
wednesday - 9-8pm
thursday - 9-8pm
friday - 9-8pm
saturday - 9-8pm

otto's abode
po box one
six hamele street
wanakena, ny 13695

 "Smoke free since 1993"