WANAKENA WEEKLY #225 - 05/15/24 - 05/22/24

Happy Thursday!

We're keeping it short and sweet this week! Check back to last week's WW for broader news and local information. Check back next week too. Check back all year long, baby! We're STOCKED-UP so STOP IN! IMPORTANT NOTICE: Otto's Abode will be CLOSED for a SEVEN HOUR PERIOD beginning @ NOON ON SATURDAY the 25TH and we will REOPEN @ NOON SUNDAY the 26TH! WE WILL BE STAINING THE FRONT PORCH! That means for a brief moment in time you will NOT be able to get your mail. We're BACK OPEN SUNDAY AT NOON! Let's jam..... that day, SUNDAY MAY 26TH 6-9pm is OPEN AIR OPEN MIC! GET OUT HERE AND SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! Get out here and cheer folks on! Get out here and try something new. Get out here and do an old trick. Get out here! Campfire, popcorn, disco ball... CHEERS! Otto's Abode... "WhErE'S tHe aRt?" NEW ART ON THE WALLS!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!! Things are heating up around here!!!!!! WOoohOOOhho! We're getting flankindy-FLANKED by seasonal/new business! LET'S GO!!!! Clifton-Fine Come and Get IT!!!! Check it----> Birch's Lakeside in Harewood is officially OPEN for the season! Go show 'em some love!!!! Mountain Gate Plaza at Clifton Corners has their BIG backyard vendor sale this Saturday - store is open, live music, TONS of stuff for sale, food, THE WORKS! Also... Free clothing shop and bop at SOS Adirondack Exhibit center. Stay tuned!!!!! Check back to last week's WW for broader news and local information.

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