WANAKENA WEEKLY #220 - 04/11/24 - 04/17/24

Happy Thursday!

Hello everybody! Greetings from beautiful, cool and rainy Wanakena! Don't ya just love it? Springtime in the forest! Peepers are peeping and daffos are dillin! The Oswegatchie has risen and is rollin'! Holly says the trails are on the wetter site of wet. Things are really greening up, now. Speckled Trout Lily leaves and rightly bound bundles of Trillium emerge and groan with a wide full-bodied stretch. Fuzzy catkins scattered about and draped over pine boughs. Those odd-ball mosquitos disappeared. Or are hiding. Full chorus of birds! Stray Cat Bob in the yard. From the web: Starting this weekend turkey hunting seasons begin in NY with Youth Weekend. Then beginning May 1 the regular turkey hunting season starts and runs through the end of May. Hunting hours end at noon daily. It is recommended to wear some orange and avoiding the colors red, blue, and white if heading out into the woods. The local Black Fly Battle Squad people are out and about treating the local waterways with BTI... we'll see what kind of year it is, considering spring arrived so early. Watch out for ticks, too! CHECK YOURSELF! And all the Invasive Species stuff! AND LEAVE NO TRACE STUFF! There was a POWER OUTAGE this past Thursday evening. A few hours or so. Mud season? More like SAND season.... in Wanakena, at least. The Public Bathroom is OPEN for the season! The Wanakena Historical Association has installed their seasonal FLIP CHARTS for the Walking Tour of Wanakena. That stuff NEVER get old, does it?!?! Don't forget to order your Packbasket Adventures Take Out Dinners! Ranger School class of 2024 only has a month or so left to go! Shortly after they graduate a group of Forest Rangers in training will fill the place up! What else? ENJOY! SOS has 3D printing demo Saturday and knit gang Sunday. Cranberry Lake Hub lawn mowing event Sunday. Holy Grail in Star Lake is OPEN on the weekends. Pork Busters BBQ will be at Mountain Gate Starting MONDAY April 29th! Special shouts-out to those who are able to and choose to take the time out of their days to go out of their way to stop-in, shop at and support small, local, family-owned businesses! 

DOWN AT THE ABODE.... VINYL NIGHT THIS SATURDAY 4/20 @ 3-7PM! We'll get a campfire going, popcorn machine will be poppin', RECORDS WILL BE SPINNING! NEXT SUNDAY.... a special performance by Ranger School's LILY DOMES! You'll recognize her from previous Open Mics! WOOHOO! Also, dent forget.... next OPEN AIR OPEN MIC will be SUNDAY MAY 26th 6-9PM! We feel just about all caught-up after all the eclipse action! We just got a big ol' order of Meiers Cheese! This stuff is NO JOKE! Night Crawlers are IN THE HOUSE! Mucho 2024 Maple Syrup. Local Raw HONEY! LOTS of local CHEESE! ALL SORTS OF STUFF! Don't mis our DOORSTOPPER EXHIBITION! There's no cell service in Wanakena.... Have you used our landline IN THE PHONE BOOTH? Got a mystery VHS tape? WE DONT WANT TO SEE IT... just kidding. Bring it in and we'll give it a go. Be kind: Rewind. Wanakena Labyrinth; Unwind the Mind. We are happy to announce we are a part of Cornell Cooperative Extensions SNAP-Ed Coupon Program.... learn more here: Cornell Cooperative Extension | SNAP-Ed New York. OTTO'S ABODE!!! QUALITY YEAR-ROUND SERVICE IN THE HEART OF WANAKENA, NEXT TO THE POST OFFICE, AT THE EDGE OF THE FIVE PONDS WILDERNESS AND THE BOTTOM OF THE OSWEGATCHIE RIVER HEADWATERS, RIGHT AT THE MOUTH OF CRANBERRY LAKE! ART, LOCAL INFORMATION & HISTORY DISPLAYS ON VIEW, ROTATING ART & MUSIC EVENTS... AND CROQUET! HOT COFFEE AND BAKED GOODS! DRY, COLD AND FROZEN GROCERIES! LOTS OF ORGANIC AND GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS! NEARLY FOURTY DIFFERENT FRUIT & VEG OPTIONS! WALK-IN COOLER WITH OVER FIFTY VARIETIES OF COLD BEER/CIDER/SELTZER/N.A.! SNACKS, CANDY & ICE CREAM! HIKING AND FISHING GEAR! MAPS, MUSIC, BOOKS, GIFTS, ART AND MORE! WEE-KEENA LIBRARY ON THE PORCH! FOUR YEARS OF ARCHIVED "WANAKENA WEEKLY" NEWSLETTERS ONLINE AT WWW.OTTOSABODE.ORG