WANAKENA WEEKLY #210 - 02/01/24 - 02/07/24

Happy Thursday!

Whoever has Gail Simmons' bunt cake pan can ya kindly return it to her?!?! Purple Finch still at the feeders! Check out the new plaque on UPS Scott's truck! Wanakena STILL has A LOT of snow around town! A lot sure has diminished from the THREE FEET we had weeks ago... it HAS been SUNNY and WARM here and there... BUT it has also been COLD!!!!!! It's a STONG BASE! Looks like winter for the most part! Snowmobilers have been out and about. Skiers have reported mediocre conditions. The Ice Rink in Star Lake has been open (Not that they advertise anywhere, AT ALL. What's that all about?) A strong, icy base. It's supposed to be warm and rainy this weekend, which will dent it up pretty good. But.... WE'RE PUMPED! ARE YOU PUMPED? BIG STUFF! WhiteOut Weekend is in the TEN-DAY FORECAST. And do you know what it says? IT SAYS COLD! IT SAYS WINTER! To us, this is FANTASTIC NEWS! Who wants a warm and wet winter celebration? NOT US, OKAY! So, if you have not done so already, go online to www.adkwow.org and check out all that is going on. There is a core group of local people that make everything come together when it comes to scheduling, t-shirts, maintaining website, etc...! Let's give it up for those people who keep WOW alive year after year. WhiteOut Weekend gets KICKED OFF in WANAKENA FRIDAY NIGHT FEB 16th 6PM! The Friday night of WOW is also ALWAYS Otto's Abode's BIRTHDAY BASH! Yes, it's true... Otto's Abode first opened its doors EIGHT YEARS AGO on a cold February Night. EIGHT YEARS! C'MON!!!!!!! So, come on out to Wanakena FRIDAY NIGHT and celebrate with us. There are some WhiteOut Weekend events happening around town that night, too. One is the LABYRINTH FAIRY VILLAGE, and the other is the LUMINARY WOODS WALK. These are outdoor experiences around the village not too far from the party down at Otto's. So be sure to take a stroll around town to check out the sights! AND BUNDLE-UP! Down at Otto's we'll have the campfire rippin', live entertainment via OPEN AIR OPEN MIC which debuted at last years' WOW. TEN MINUTE SLOTS! We'll have the whole PA system setup in the Gazebo. Mics, guitars, etc... WE WANT YOU TO SHOW YOUR TALENTS! ICE JAM-BOREE! You will also find SNOW CROQUET and some HOT FOOD! The store will be open for snacks, drinks, etc... WOW TSHIRTS WILL BE FOR SALE, TOO! Open Mic is from 6-9 but that does not mean we want you to go home when it ends. STAY LATE AND WARM AROUND THE FIRE AS WE WHACK BALLS INTO THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT! Stick around for the rest of the weekend for MANY other FINE WOW events. SNOW CROQUET ALL WEEKEND! Once again: www.adkwow.org. IN OTHER NEWS: WANAKENA WEEKLY WILL BE CELEBRATING ITS DEBUT NEXT WEEK! THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS... FOUR LONG YEARS OF WANAKENA WEEKLY! FOUR FREEKIN' YEARS! Every once in a while, someone will casually mention they read the weekly and how much they appreciate it. AND THAT MAKES US REALLY HAPPY! We're glad we're not just typing into the void with no one out there giving a crap about it. We don't have a "LIKE" button, and we don't have a "COMMENT" section. We have very basic data that tells us how many people read each Wanakena Weekly each week. And that keeps us going. We know you're out there; we know you're reading. We know that we use WAY TOO MANY CAPITOL LETTERS! So, THANKS to those who keep clicking week after week even though sometimes we get lazy or are too busy to make it happen. It's all done in the spirit of Wanakena. Some people get it, some people don't. YIKES did you see how piled-up all the ice is under the Footbridge? The next FOUR DAYS will be up in the 40s. So, we don't expect many skiers, snowmobilers, snowshoers, etc.... out and about this weekend. BUT WE WILL BE OPEN DOWN AT THE SHOP! STOP ON BY! INVEST IN THE FUTURE YOU WANT TO SEE. Thanks to those who are interested and able to take the time out of their day to go out of their way to support small family-owned businesses. It all adds up and it is all very much appreciated. And while the Pinecone may be a thing of the past... Rick and Angie at Packbasket Adventures do a GREAT take-out dinner Thursday and Friday nights! Place your order Sunday/Monday! ALL FOR NOW! Oh yah... one more thing: WE WILL BE CLOSED THE WHOLE WEEK FOLLOWING WHITEOUT WEEKEND! BUH-BYE!!!!!