WANAKENA WEEKLY #196 - 10/26/23 - 11/01/23

Happy Thursday!

WITHINANUTSHELL - Rise and shine Clifton-Fine! If you made it out to Wanakena this past Saturday evening for the final installment of the 2023 OPEN AIR OPEN MIC sessions... right on ya! It has been a fantastic season (SEVEN OPEN MICS!)... many, MANY thanks to the performers and also to folks who show up to cheer them on. OPEN MIC WILL RETURN! In other news: One day the pumpkins are getting carved, and the next snowmen are getting built! Cold Full Moon, too!!!! Happy snowy first day of November. We've had our coldest mornings so far, this past week too. Finaly a "hard" frost down in the twenties. Hikers have been out and a bout earlier in the week, though. A couple from Nebraska came out from four days back there and reported mostly pleasurable solitude. Blue Ash Aphids and Canadian Geese in droves. Random Wednesday morning snowy Cat Mt hikers, too. Regular hunting season now. WEAR ORANGE IN THE WOODS! Where's all the big bucks? And change your clocks on Sunday!!!! Make no mistake: folks are out and about. And why wouldn't they be? Sure, it has "quieted-down"... that's natural, baby! If you are able, thanks for taking the time out of your days to go out of your ways to support small, independent businesses. Weather this weekend looks to be warming-up a tad bit... perhaps 40's near 50 and down in the 30s at night. Precipitation appears to be a mixed bag... a few showers here and there Saturday for sure. Most of the leaves are off the trees. Don't forget.... place your order on Monday and/or Tuesday for Packbasket Adventures' Take-Out dinners hot and ready Thursday and/or Friday nights! Perhaps stop-in at Otto's to grab some beverages, and/or other groceries while you're out picking it up?!?!? Regular Town Board Meeting Second Wednesday, November 8th @ 6:30 Star Lake. Here’s a link to the most recent town board meeting minutes HERE: Town Of Fine: Minutes: Town Board Meetings [Digital Towpath]. MARK IT DOWN: 2024 Clifton-Fine White Out Weekend is AS ALWAYS Presidents Day Weekend. C'MON!!!! We are less than a year away from the SUPER LOCAL Solar Eclipse on the afternoon of April 8, 2024! Plan on it! Get up here! Today's Ice Jam Danger remains LOW (THREE years in a row without an ice jam... ever since they built that new bridge...). KIM AND TOMS LOST DOG REPORT - As of today, there are NO lost dogs in Wanakena. 

DOWN AT THE ABODE - Heads-up: !!!!!WE WILL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 15TH!!!!! Also will be closed some days around the Thanksgiving Holiday... STAY TUNED. This past weekend was the last-of-the-season OPEN AIR OPEN MIC FULL MOON HALLOWEENIE COSTUME PARTY! IT WAS A SMASH! You know it was! Otto's Abode..... OPEN ALL YEAR LONG BABY! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! Get on down here and see what we got, stock-up, and roll-on! Endless thanks for those that can and do. Tell a friend or few! We're here for ALL OF YOU! New GIFTS by LOCAL ARTISTS in the shop.... Greeting Cards by Wanakna's Julie Fogden and Hen Island Bags by Trout Lake's Laura Foster!!! NEW ART ON THE WALLS SOON! Paintings by local artist.... More info to come. CURRENTLY ON VIEW - CHOCK CHECK (KEYS TO THE CITY). The Doorstopper Show. STILL ACCEPTING DOOR STOPPERS. More info to come. We have in-stock the BRAND-NEW 2nd edition Cranberry Lake 50 Guidebook... CL50 maps, too. Happy to mail one to you - let us know. ALWAYS ON THE SHELVES: FRESH PRODUCE! Outstanding selection. FROZEN RED BARN MEATS! Local and tasty! Bread, milk, eggs, groceries, cheese, ice cream, candy and tons more. Local maple syrup and honey! BEER CAVE with other sixty varieties of beer, seltzers, hard cider and more! BEST BREW SELECTION IN SOUTHERN ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY. Hot coffee and tea, too. Susan's Swickamillo Sourdough every Saturday morning and Hannah's random baked goods like scones and banana bread throughout the week. Maps galore... MAPS GALORE! Books, music, art supplies. Fishing, camping, hiking knickknacks. Gifts, goodies and more! We rent bear canisters that also double as conga drum. All sorts of ART and GLORIFIED junk on-display throughout the shop ALWAYS. Out on the porch you'll find a community message board, a Clifton Community Library DROP BOX and the legendary Wee-Kena Library. Out in ZPARK you can have a picnic and play CROQUET EVERY DAY if you want to! ALL YEAR LONG! Mallets-in-hand, balls-in-pockets; hittin' sticks, wicket clicks. Is it Snow Croquet Season yet? Occasional campfires and home of the Clifton-Fine Summer Music Series and OPEN AIR OPEN MIC. And don't forget: THREE YEARS of Wanakena Weekly archived on our website. Why be a square when you could be a deconstructed cube?

WANAKENA POST OFFICE 13695 - Open for business six days a week! Thanks, Mary for running the show! Send us a postcard: POB # 1 Wanakena, NY 13695.

PACKBASKET ADVENTURES – Lodge open for business and PICK-UP DINNERS TO-GO Thursday and.or Friday nights - place your order Monday and/or Tuesday nights. (Perhaps stop-in at Otto's to grab some beverages, and/or other groceries while you're out picking it up?!?!?) Visit their website for more information: www.packbasketadventures.com

WANAKENACCOMODATIONS - "Where do people stay?" is the question. The aforementioned Packbasket Adventures Lodge in Wanakena is a great option. Also, there are all sorts of AirBnB/VRBO/ADKbyOWNER/ places - some are open year-round (Suzie's Guesthouse and Legacy Stays), most are not. Coyote Den Motel, Birch's Lakeside Campground and the Cranberry Lake State Campground are near-by options. And of course: Lots of primitive camping all around in Wilderness/Wild Forest State Parcels - all free and open to the public, first come first serve... LEAVE NO TRACE - CARRY IT IN CARRY IT OUT. Don't forget about the Town of Fine Wanakena Primitive Campground and Picnic Area on South Shore Road by Cat Mountain trailhead.

RANGER SCHOOL - Class of 2024 in session! Visit their website for more information: www.esf.edu/rangerschool

WANAKENA HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION – Get out here and check out that footbridge! Although the History Center is CLOSED for the cold-weather months, there are numerous informational kiosks located around town for you viewing pleasure all year long.

WANAKENA LABYRTINTH - Unwind the mind...

WANAKENA CHURCH – Sunday services have concluded for the 2023 season.

WANAKENA CEMETERY ASSOCIATION – Cremation Remains burial has gone up from $150 to $250. Also, there is no longer a backhoe charge for cremation burial because they don’t use a backhoe for cremation burials any longer.

TOWN OF FINE WANAKENA CAMPGROUND AND PICNIC AREA - First come first serve. Please leave no trace and carry in what you carry out.

TOWN OF FINE WANAKENA PLAYGROUND - Is in good shape! Lots of Pickle Ball played there this past summer.


WANAKENA PUBLIC BATHROOM AND DOCK - Public bathroom remains open but will close for the cold-weather months SOON! AS OF 10/24/23 THE PUBLIC DOCK HAS BEEN MOVED TO ITS WINTER HIBERNATION LOCATION!

HAREWOOD – Clifton Community Library open Tuesday - Saturday. Don't forget about utilizing the Library Book Drop Box at Otto's Abode - it's a fantastic service brought to you by Library folk! Coyote Den Motel OPEN! Down in Windfall you'll find the Tooly Pond Wooden Fish Hatchery & Duck Decoy Showroom and John Dragun Neon shop OPEN for business. Snowing yet? Cranberry Lake Mountaineers gearing up for another great season of snowmobiling. Birch's Lakeside has closed for the season - cheers to many more! Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub protects the historic church & grounds promote regional info and tourism/shopping Facebook stuff on Facebook. Cranberry Lake State Campground closed through May 16th, 2024. Tilly's summer 2024? Cranberry Lake Boat Club still floatin'! 2024 Cranberry Lake Art Show August 10th and 11th! Don't forget about our other nearest-by neighbors to east: Sevey's Point and Thirsty Moose in Childwold! By January 1, 2025, every operator of a motorized boat in New York State must obtain a boating safety certificate in order to legally operate their boats. There are no age exceptions to this law — and, if you're from out of state, New York will recognize your boating safety course certification.

OUT WEST - Sign up NOW for The Legion's Nov 7th Arts and Crafts. November 4th, 9am - 3pm Holiday Bazaar at St Huberts. Buy your Clifton-Fine Hospital Memory Tree $1 lightbulbs! It's also time to order your Lions Club Christmas Wreaths! Clifton-Fine Golf Club accepting donations! Hat and Glove Drive Oct. 15 - Nov. 30 J.S. Forestry and Excavation - Fine, NY. NEW OWNERS at the old Mountain Gate Bottle Redemption center near Benson Mines - Turkey Drawing SATURDAY NIGHT and Dec 3rd XMAS Auction! NEW OWNERS running a bottle redemption at the old Little River Shop - more to come! ADK Holy Grail Gift Shop, Twin Lakes Hotel, American Legion, Todd Hardware, Adirondack Pharmacy, Community Bank, Dollar General and Circle J’s in Star Lake are OPEN! New York State's smallest hospital - Clifton-Fine Hospital - is open! CFCSD Fitness Room and OPEN GYM: OPEN to community members (paperwork required). GO EAGLES! Further west in Oswegatchie UB’s, Green Pinky Farm and Adirondack Rustics (HOME OF THE LEGENDARY "BARGAIN HUNTER" NEWSPAPER) are open!  H Brothers! Alcoholics Anonymous Friday nights 7pm @SOS. Hop on shuttle #22 of the St Lawrence County Volunteer Transportation Bus if you need a lift! FREE COMMUNITY MEAL at St. Huberts Church Wednesdays at 5PM! Cranberry Lake Mountaineers are gearing up for another fantastic season of snowmobiling! Fingers-crossed for the Town of Clifton Star Lake Ice Rink will have ice this winter. Newton Falls Paper Mill | Facebook

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"All Hallowes E'en is celebrated on 31st of October 31st. A Pegan feast of the dead and making the moment when supernatural forces symbolizing cold and death return to Earth, witches and warlocks, accompanied by their feline 'farmiliars' , travel on broomstick to the great sabbats. Followers of the path of Wicca call this night Samhain." - from The Cat Lovers Companion