WANAKENA WEEKLY #115 - 04/14/22 - 04/20/22

Happy Thursday!Clifton-Fine Central School District is on SPRING BREAK! The folks at WANAKENA WEEKLY have decided to do the same. Otto's Abode is still open regular hours, though. Luckily, Tim submitted this week's Black Fly Report, so you won't leave empty handed! Catch you all next week!

BLACK FLY REPORT - WOW what a strange weather week. Stream temps dropped from the 40’s last week to the 30’s this week. No larvae development to note. Saw the first snake this week, and ground feeding birds were totally flummoxed by the snow. Saw 6 Flickers on a 10 foot patch of snowless dirt. battling over ground insects. With the equipment in our high tech lab we were able to photograph a typical north country Black fly at 100 X’s magnification:
Black Fly Report and photos submitted by Wanakena's own Clifton-Fine Black Fly Program mastermind Tim Nargi. Read Tim's VERY informative "North Country Black Fly Report" in WW #113 - pass it on!