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PHOTOGRAPHY BY JACK WILLIAMS - 08/05/20 - 09/20/20

The first camera I remember is a Kodak Brownie that my mother had. I was about 8 years old. Around the age of 15 I bought my first camera, a Graphlex fold- up that required a light meter and roles and roles of 120 film. The camera accompanied me when I was a camp counselor at Camp Dudley in Westport, NY. From then on I have been interested in photography, and my interest grew dramatically when I rediscovered the Adirondacks.

My wife, Nan, and I have been living part-time in Wanakena since the early 2000s. We love Wanakena, and the beauty of the area; there is never a shortage of images to capture with a camera. As you might notice from some of these photos, I’m a morning person and a paddler. The vibrant, long light of the beginning and end of the day makes everything look beautiful, especially when it’s combined with water. The odds of capturing that special image with that combination of light and water are good. I think the photos here show off a few of Wanakena’s many beautiful spots, mainly at those special times of the day. They are some of my favorites.