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May 11th, 1893 The Cranberry Lake Village postal name became “Harewood” for a nine-year period. (St. Lawrence County Almanack, Robert LaRou)

EIGHT MILES TO HAREWOOD is a of series of seven new postcard-sized drawings which sought to depict the shoreline of Cranberry Lake and surrounding wilderness. This body of work is a continuation from last year’s series of seven drawings depicting Wanakena, Dead Creek Flow and surrounding wilderness called WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?

Historical sites such as “The Wanakena Hotel” or the “Morning Glory Lodge” have not been included in these drawings which seek to represent more of a current snapshot of the area. Though these drawings are essentially maps, they do not wish to function in the same navigational sense. Rather, these maps aim to re-think regions, destinations, and highlight smaller concepts such as bends in the river or passes between hills in relation to the larger whole. The drawings do their best to accurately represent current trails, junctions and destinations and serve as a jump-off point for planning and/or imagining wilderness exploration in the Cranberry Lake Region.

Postcard/prints of the series are available for purchase.

Maps used for reference:
Lucian Plumley’s 1961 Cranberry Lake Boat Club Map
George Bowditch & Paul Jameson’s Cranberry Lake Map
NYS DEC Designated Campsites Cranberry Lake (1991)
USGS Five Ponds, Newton Falls, Cranberry Lake & Wolf Pond Quadrants
Five Ponds Partners’ Cranberry Lake 50 Map
National Geographic / ADK Club’s Old Forge/Oswegathie #745 Map
Paddlesport Press’s Whitney Wilderness Map