WANAKENA WEEKLY #4 - 02/27/20 - 03/04/20

Happy Thursday! Happy March!

In a nutshell: this past week was comprised of a BLIZZARD followed by RAIN AND WARM.

NO SCHOOL this past Thursday… SNOW DAY! Very windy. The blizzard didn’t really start packing a punch until later in the day, but by Thursday ‘round midnight Wanakena had a fresh foot of snow. Wind and SNOW continued through the night with ANOTHER NO SCHOOL SNOW DAY Friday. Wanakena wound up with around 30 inches of snow after it was all said and done. Sunday was a picture-perfect blue-sky day.

Monday we get RAIN and temperatures around 40. Sad to see all that fresh snow turn to mush. Blue sky Tuesday morning. At least half of the snow gone to rain and warm. Wednesday: cold and snow flurries return but forecast doesn’t predict for long. Snow sliding off metal roofs in the stillness of night sound like a mighty jacket zipper freefalling to a thunderous gurgled thud.Weekend weather looks uneventful with temps in the 30s and some wimpy snow flurries here and there. These croquet course has not yet been uncovered from the blizzard/rain/melt and therefore the course is temporarily closed for play.
!!!!!!!!!!THIS SATURDAY THE 7TH, 5-7pm @ OTTO'S ABODE!!!!!!!!!!!!
WELL WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT IS ART PARTY “Well, what do you suppose that is?” remains on-view at Otto’s Abode through March 8th. We’ve all got ‘em, we’ve all seen ‘em. Maybe you found it at a flea market and bought it even though you didn’t know what it was. Maybe it hides in your kitchen drawer or hangs on your wall. Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don’t. Mysterious tools. Strange artifacts. Gorgeous garbage. Oh my! Objects will be on view during regular hours at Otto’s Abode in Wanakena for the public to ponder Thursday Feb 6th though Sun March 8th, 2020. A closing reception celebrating the objects will be held Saturday March 7th 5-7pm. Friends, snack, drink, music, free and open to all!
OTTO’S ABODE IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: A CELTIC CEILIDH. Monday, March 16th 6:30-9pm, Rick Kovaks and friends will perform LIVE Irish and Scottish tunes and keep the crowd fed with scones and corned beef and cabbage. Refreshments – beer, tea, etc… - will be served! Sound excellent, Rick! So, grab a friend and head on down to Otto’s Abode the Monday evening before St. Patricks’ Day. Event donations ($) accepted.

Depending on what time Wanakeners wake up in the morning their alarm may have sounded a bit different this week. Instead of an excruciating alarm clock going “MEEH MEEH MEHH MEHH” or their cell phones going “PING PING PING PING” or the Wanakena rooster going “COCK A DOODLE DOO” they most likely – depending on where they live within the village – heard “SCRAAAAAPE BEEP BEEP BEEP VROOM VROOM VROOM SCRAAAAPE BEEP BEEP BEEP VROOM VROOM VROOM”. This was the sound of the Town of Fine plow crew relocating the MASSIVE snow mounds alongside the village roads. THANKS, TOWN OF FINE!
During the warm and rain this past week the ICE JAM DANGER was changed to HIGH! But, has since been demoted to “LOW”. There remains lots of thick ice frozen atop the Oswegatchie rapids just upstream from Wanakena. Now, with all of the rain and melt the ice has become even thicker with new pooling water atop the already frozen river.
Red-winged Blackbird at the feeder yesterday. 

Kim’s Lost Dog Report: There are currently NO lost dogs in Wanakena.

St. Lawrence County spring outdoor burn ban in effect March 16th – May 14th.

Pizza and wings and things every Thursday night 6-10pm at Black Waters Cafe

Any questions, comments, concerns, trail condition inquiries, legends, jokes, animal sightings, etc… feel free to email otto@ottosabode.org or call 3158483008 or pop-in the shop!

All for now!