WANAKENA WEEKLY - Test # 1 – 1/23/30 - 1/29/20

Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3… This is a test of Wanakena Weekly. Wanakena Weekly is published online at www.ottosabode.org every Thursday (by noon). Wanakena residents, friends of Wanakena as well as the general public may find interest and entertainment in this attempt to document and archive the goings on in and around Wanakena, NY. Wanakena Weekly aims to be officially debuted Thursday, February 13th 2020 - which is two days from exactly four years after Otto’s Abode first opened its doors to the public.

Happy Thursday!

This past Saturday, January 25th was the Cranberry Lake First Strike Fishing Derby. The sunrise that morning was a vibrant, fiery red and orange. The ice was measured to be 6-8 inches thick – thick enough to fish. The Cranberry Lake Fire Department Facebook page says 378 participants, 12oz perch and 15lb pike - they have photographs of the sunrise, also. The weather late that afternoon remained warm and became rainy. Through the end of the weekend and into Monday and Tuesday temperatures remained in the thirties and about six inches of heavy, wet snow slowly and steadily fell from the sky, effortlessly accumulating from a south-westerly direction. Wednesday saw bright blue skies and sunshine, temperatures in the 20s and down into single digits or below zero at night. Snowmobile trails open!

An Oswegatchie ice jam occurred January 14th after warm temperatures and heavy rain. Since then temperatures have remained low enough for ice to re-form around boulders and along the shoreline. Snowfall on top of the newly formed ice as well as accumulation on top of whatever frozen river chunks remained has been vigilant in its inch-by-inch attempt to re-claim the brisk rushing water. A hike up the Moore Trail reveals the ice jam most likely - and as usual - popped and cascaded down into town from just below Little Falls. Ice around and above Little Falls is quite thick, layered, and aged compared to the new ice formations down the river closer to town.

Over the weekend a clockwise Cranberry Lake 50 hiker emerging from three days in the woods told of fresh bear prints – hibernation is a part-time job, you know. Snowshoes would help if walking in the woods. With the fresh snow and cold temperatures, cross country skiing out towards High Falls should be excellent. 

The sixth annual Clifton-Fine Whiteout Weekend will be held February 14th and 15th. See the full schedule of events here: https://sites.google.com/view/adkwow/schedule

Otto’s Abode is actively seeking object submissions for an upcoming exhibition entitled “Well, What Do You Suppose That Is?” Submissions are due on or before this Sunday, February 2nd. The exhibition will be on view next Thursday, February 7th though March 8th.

Eleven untitled abstract collages by Canton, NY artist Ola Aldous remain on view through Sunday, February 2nd. Ola currently also has an exhibition of drawings on view at the Flying Lotus Yoga Studio in Canton, NY.

Any questions, comments, concerns, trail condition inquaries, animal sightings, jokes, feel free to email otto@ottosabode.org or call the shop: 3158483008

All for now!