Artists in Residence

Danielle Joy Graves + Nick Witten - 02/01/19 - 02/23/19

From the land of five hundred-mile car races and robust pork tenderloin sandwiches travel Danielle Joy Graves + Nick Witten. The Indianapolis, IN based artists arrived in Wanakena at the beginning of February fresh from two months spent at Wassaic Project. While here, they experienced winter in its Adirondack glory: very low temperatures, some of the largest piles of snow the village has seen in years and community-based winter festivals popping-up all around. The local Clifton-Fine WhiteOut Weekend - held annually during Presidents Day Weekend - provided Nick and Danielle the opportunity to design and create a backdrop for a live musical performance which was to be held within Otto’s Abode during the Friday Night WhiteOut Weekend activities. “Wow! People pay good money to see art like this in museums!” a customer noted. That Friday was also Otto’s Abode’s third birthday, to which Nick and Danielle baked a gorgeous cake. The bulk of their time was spent ping-ponging between clocking serious hours in backroom studio and out on the road exploring the area. Wanakena’s winter population dips down to about fifty heads this time of year, therefore having two more around was felt. Two more folks walking around town (wearing the brightest colored clothes around we might add), coffee’n’critique with Carol, snow croquet, happy hour with Bo, tossing frying pans at Coffee Fever, chumming it up with Carl at Stone Manor and much more. Nick and Danielle were probably halfway to where they were going by the time we opened-up shop the Saturday morning they left. Unlocking the front door, flicking on the lights, brewing coffee, MAGIC MUSHROOM!? They were everywhere! Popped up overnight… a few by the shop-plants, some more by the coffee counter, on top of the bookshelf. No two the same, including the bell-ringing sound made by each when jostled. This parting gesture portrays delightfully their presence and practice and we thank them very much for three wonderful winter weeks.