Artist in Residence

Dymph DeWild - 09/5-9/2018

A conceptual artist from Virginia working in Intermedia, Dymph DeWild spent 5 days and 4 nights in Wanakena at Otto's Abode. During her residency DeWild explored the larger Clifton-Fine region looking for inspiration from the abandon Benson Mine Iron Ore Site and Newton Falls Paper Mill Site (from a safe distance) in relation to one of her current projects working with an operating paper mill in North Carolina. DeWild installed a pop-up four-day exhibition within Otto's Abode entitled Wolf Light. Friend and neighbor Bo King treated us to a trip on Cranberry Lake, which added to DeWild's foot trail explorations up the Oswegatchie River on the Moore Trail and out to The Big Pine and more. Had she more time in Wanakena the rope + pulley sky-sausage transportation infrastructure would have surely turned from talk to walk.

To see more of DeWild's work visit her website ------->