When the documentary ended, conversation immediately commenced; when open dialogue begins the event can only be seen as a success. After viewing Miss Representation (2011) on March 8, 2018, in honor of International Women’s Day, our group filled the evening hours with discussion, comradery and the open exploration of what makes us all so very different, despite sharing one gender label: woman.

What is to be a woman, fettered by the constraints of an oh-so-binary world, is certainly a complex topic. Spanning three generational decades, our group met with the intention of chipping away at the expectations, conceptions, responsibilities and intricacies of defining ourselves as women, while looking to be heard and to here others. With caution, care, consideration and contempt, this evening served to educate and engage. And as we return home, back to daily lives day after day, let us carry with us the struggles and splendor of being a woman.

With gratitude for those who came to the event, and for those who came well before us, we look to continue the discussion in the following ways:

As educated consumers,

As mentors,

As those willing to break the cycle,


As critics of the media and marketing.