Artist In Residence

KATIE M. WESTMORELAND - 06/03/-07/17

Upon arrival for her second 5-day visit and continuing her residency, artist Katie M. Westmoreland unrolled and strung up a 12' x 7' sheet of muslin which she had coated with bees wax. Through her direction participants taped glob-shaped paper-forms to the sheet. The paper forms were saved-from-discardation stencil cut-outs from a previous project. Tracing the edge of the paper-forms with an x-acto knife the forms were cut out of the wax-coated panel. This continued into the night by campfire light with intentions of completion before the next day when the panel was to be temporarily installed off-trail in the nearby public wilderness. The panel was installed and remained in a location along the Moore Trail leading out of Wanakena for three days and three nights and removed on the fourth day where it was immediately re-hung in public-view on the Otto's Abode compound. The panel will remain in display and move once more in conjunction with an exhibition of Katie's work on display at Otto's Abode June 4th - 19th.

Katie plans to return to Wanakena for another 5-day visit in conjuntion with the Gateway to Wilderness Residency Program. To see more of Katie's work visit